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Girls just like yourself face similar but different challenges every day. Your story of courage and triumph could be the key to help someone who was facing a similar situation. We want to invite you to share your story. Let your experience help set someone else free.

Your story can be about a victory over a struggle. Or just a powerful statement that keeps you energized and positive!
If you want to be anonymous you have that option. Please use the form below and submit your story.

What happens next:

  • If you story is published you'll see it on our blog (we'll send you an email with the link)
  • We'll post across our social media
  • We will tag you if you submit your social media channels (this is especially helpful if you have a blog/vlog. We want to put the spotlight on you!)
  • From there we hope to spread the message of strength, courage, and bravery!

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