Our Story

Hi my name is Kayla Meares and I am the creator and part owner of Audibelle. Audibelle is a movement and community. This is a brand that is made to inspire and encourage young girls to achive their goals and know that they should never be held back.

Audibelle is not just another apparel company, we make more than clothes, we make armor, we make wings, we make good listeners and we make skin thicker. We make confidence tangible and influence possible. We make girls feel like women and women feel like girls. We make a difference by being different. Our lines offers an Audibelle JR and Audibelle Mom because you are never too young or old to be yourself.

Our company will fight to make a difference by sharing a positive word and emotion and say it outloud by encouraging girls to Wear Something, Say Something.

We also belieive in giving back to the community, which is why we choose to work with organizations that build self-esteem in young girls, organizations that fight bullying in all forms, those who have been victimized or have found them selves homeless. 

Our goal with this company is to grow and employee those who need a skill and work, build self-esteem, and share this message with every girl around the world. Together we can make a difference and Audibelle will lead the way.